Networking on Facebook


Networking on Facebook groups - does it really help your business page? Short answer: YES!

“Networking” is a marketing activity that does have merit, but not in the way you might think. On the big crafting pages on Facebook (like Craft, craft, and more craft, or CraftMasters), you’ll find ‘like for like’ networking posts, or variations on that theme. You post your page in the comments, then go through every other page commented (including the original poster’s) and like their pages. If everyone plays by the rules, you’ll all get as many likes as people who commented.

The downside

A lot of people get called out for not playing by the post rules, and often posts accuse people namelessly of unliking their page a few days later. These are pitfalls, but there is a benefit to playing these games, even if only a few people play by the rules and like your page back.

The benefit

Many people focus on the number of likes they get from each networking session, but those aren’t the real prize! You win by playing these games, because if you only get three new likes and each of those likers has 500 friends, you potentially widen your organic reach by 1500 people.

Remember in the book we talked about casting your net widely to catch more fish. That’s what you do when you network. Your net is way bigger than the people who like you, but they’re just the fish you can see.

The variations

Some posts are ‘like for like’, which means if you comment with your page you must go to every other page commented, and like it if they liked yours.

Networking through giveaways, like this one …

Networking through giveaways

means providing your own giveaway link, and following the other commented links and any share or like requests in order to join the competition. It’s important to remember that Facebook actually bans certain types of ‘contest’ (because they’re not really contests), but if you follow Facebook’s guidelines you’ll be fine. We’ll cover more about Facebook guidelines for competitions in another post. Some networking posts are known as ‘no pressure’, or ‘relaxed networking’. These are the ones that relax the ‘like for like’ rules and simply state ‘genuine likes only please.’

Relaxed networking

they don’t always appear with an image like this one. Sometimes they might look like this one, with a reminder of the rules:

Networking through giveaways

There are lots of variations, but in the main, if you play by the rules, you’ll find it a lot more pleasant all round – and don’t forget, it’s not the likes you’re really after, it’s the exposure to all those likers’ friends that you want.

Good luck and have fun!