Twitter Dashboard is dead


The Twitter Dashboard is being taken down from February 3rd 2017, so if you've been using it, here are some alternative Twitter scheduling options.

Well, here’s some breaking news for you!

If you’ve made it to the Twitter Dashboard section of the book, perhaps you’ve gone to use it. Maybe you’ve even enjoyed using it – scheduling dozens of tweets in advance might be a big job at the time, but at least it can give you a breather for a few days.

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but today I spotted this on Twitter:

Que sera to Twitter Dashboard

Alas, Twitter Dashboard have decided that from February 3rd 2017, there will be no more Twitter Dashboard. There’s no explanation thus far; no promises about the possibilities of the future … There just won’t be any more Twitter Dashboard.

What’s the Twitter scheduling solution for you?

Tweet scheduling doesn’t have to stop – you’ll just have to find a different app to use if this was really working for you.


Hootsuite has been around a fair while, and has a nice free version that you can sign up to and use. There is a catch, however – they’d like it if only ‘individuals’ used it – which basically means ‘not businesses’. The bad person in me says ‘go on, give it a go and if they throw you off, never mind’, but if you get on with it okay, being asked to leave could be a real drag. On the other hand, maybe you would like to pay for their ‘professional’ version if you like it.


Buffer is maybe not so popular as Hootsuite, but it comes recommended by small biz owners, and it’s easy enough to use. The free version will only let you have a few social media accounts, and after that if you try to use more (say your personal account AND your business one), it’ll invite you to ‘upgrade to awesome!’ Don’t fall for it (unless you really love it), you can use it purely for scheduling your business tweets.


TweetDeck is the app I stuck with the longest a couple of years ago, before reverting to bad habits. It lets you run several accounts out of its interface, and I personally found it better than the others because it was software you downloaded to your computer. There wasn’t a weird delay every time you clicked on something. (Internet-based apps are normally created using Javascript, but that creates the weird slow-down you get when you post, say on Facebook, Twitter and so on).

Now, Twitter owns it, and TweetDeck is no longer available from your desktop. You have to use it through your browser. There's no massive difference apart from that, and it doesn't seem to have the irritating delay, so that's all good! It's 'usability' is still really good, and to be honest I find it the clearest of all the interfaces to use. Might not suit everyone.

It’s a real pain when things change, especially if it took a while to learn, but don’t get too annoyed with it; maybe you’ll find something better as a result.

Good luck!