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Hello there. Thanks for checking for updates on information in 4 STEPS TO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR CRAFTERS.

Facebook and Twitter and all of those guys are forever making changes. Most of them throughout the year are tiny, and you probably only notice they've moved the 'home' button or changed the 'favourites' into 'likes'.

Facebook Shop

We're not concerned with those minor issues. You'll figure out the slightly different turns, and there'll be a new edition around the same time next year to bring all the changes (large and small) off this website and into the book.

However, sometimes the big social sites spring a massive surprise. Like just at the beginning of October 2016 - the book's pre-order launch week - Facebook introduced the Shop Section into their business pages. But they haven't rolled it out fully in the UK. So although it will almost certainly end up looking like the US model, it doesn't yet do everything it's advertised to.

That'll be an update to watch for. We got it into the book up to this point, but there's more to come for sure.

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