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4 Steps to Social Media Marketing for Crafters

A toolbox to make selling crafts online easier.

The basic information and step-by-step instructions in these pages will enable any crafter who already uses social media for personal reasons to create business accounts with the social media sites of their choice, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Not only that, you get to learn the ins and outs of Facebook promotional tools, to give you a heads-up when it comes to boosting posts and running ad campaigns in a controlled and inexpensive way.

If you've got the talent and the skills in the craft you do, 4 STEPS TO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING has the rest of the information you need to make a strong start selling crafts online.

"If you are someone who is looking to sell their crafts online but not sure where to get started, Sakina has you covered. I love how comprehensive, yet fluff-free this book is."

Bushra Azhar
The Persuasion Revolution

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About Sakina Murdock

Sakina Murdock is passionate about three things: writing, crafts, and promoting other people's amazing talent. She doesn't believe in 'can't', only YES! NOW! and HOW CAN I DO THAT?

As the lead copywriter for a small international marketing agency, she's got the experience and know-how to show you how to market your handmade goodies with individualism and panache.

As a crafter with a microbusiness in handmade copper jewellery, she's been through all the TIME vs CRAFTS vs OTHER COMMITMENTS issues. And that's someone who already works in marketing. So that's what 4 STEPS TO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR CRAFTERS is for: it's a guide to get you selling your goods without making too many mistakes or wasting too much time.

Sakina lives with her dog in the north of bonny Cumbria, and tries to stay out of trouble.